What paper is suitable for laboratory notebooks?

What paper is suitable for laboratory notebooks?

When it comes to scientific documentation, a laboratory notebook is an indispensable tool and the paper used within it is of prime importance.

Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks stand out for their layout and contemporary design. Their laboratory notebooks come in different styles with hard and soft covers, several ruled line spacing sizes with left-hand margins; they also offer notebooks with just graph paper or a combination of graph and lined, meeting all your scientific documentation needs.

Quality paper

Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks are printed on 100gsm acid-free, uncoated cartridge paper, ensuring the durability and integrity of your records over time. The paper is manufactured from a sustainable source and is therefore environmentally friendly, in addition it is FSC certified, affirming a commitment to responsible forestry.

The paper exhibits high opacity, eliminating any show-through from one page to another. The mills the paper is sourced from are accredited with the EU Ecolabel, assuring environmental excellence and are compliant with ISO 9706, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, promising long-lasting and quality products.

Importance of binding

Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks do not compromise on the quality of binding. Each notebook is thread-sewn and case-bound, which is a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirement, ensuring a permanent and secure record. If any pages are torn out, the relevant section of the notebook will come adrift thus rendering what is meant to be a legal document, useless.

Numbering: enhancing organisation

Notebooks include page numbering with the option of incorporating numbering on the cover and spine, aiding easy reference and organisation.

Designed and bound in the UK

All Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks are designed, printed and bound within the United Kingdom, which eliminates the potential delays and additional costs of imports. Several different styles and colours are available off-the-shelf and are typically dispatched within 48 hours, alongside customised and semi-customised options.

To choose the right notebook for your needs, visit the Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks website’s “Choosing a laboratory notebook” page. For more details and ordering, simply click on the product code of your preferred book. For any queries, please call 01622 833444 or email sales@mitchellslaboratorynotebooks.co.uk