What is the difference between a laboratory notebook and a regular notebook? 

What is the difference between a laboratory notebook and a regular notebook? 

Laboratory notebooks have been used for many years to record experimental data. Although institutions have different rules around their use, generally they are the primary source of recording experiments while in progress. This differs from a regular notebook which is often used to collate information after the event and this distinction makes a laboratory notebook, which is a legally valid record, pivotal in preserving your rights, or those of an employer or academic investigator, to your discoveries.

While formats vary between laboratory notebooks, given the very nature of experiments, they differ from regular notebooks by including pre-printed areas for a date, signatures and title. Not only does this save the user a great deal of time writing these terms out repeatedly, but using a standard format makes peer or third-party review significantly quicker due to the consistent layout.

As well as various options of standardised laboratory notebook, Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks offers a customisation service for larger quantities, allowing institutions several options to tailor the exterior and interior of their notebooks. This is particularly useful where there are consistent scientific practices for the work being recorded in an organisation e.g. data or sketches.

Given the importance of having a primary source for material, Mitchells Laboratory Notebooks differ from regular, shop-bought notebooks in terms of quality. Our notebooks all comply with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). They are printed on acid-free, environmentally friendly, uncoated cartridge 100gsm paper, which is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), and ECF (Elemental Chlorine-Free) certified. Unlike many standard notebooks, this ensures the best possible quality of printing and high opacity - so there is no show-through from page to page - and the notebooks will not deteriorate with age. 

Our laboratory notebooks are designed, printed and bound in the United Kingdom which means they are not subject to delays or the expense of imports. We have a wide selection of styles and colours of standard, off-the-shelf notebooks which are in stock and usually dispatched within 48 hours and please contact us for delivery times for customised books.

If you're unsure which laboratory notebook best suits your needs, visit the Choosing a laboratory notebook page on our website. This simple guide will help you choose the right laboratory notebook for you or your company. Click on the product code of your preferred book for full details and to order.

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